Question: What are the different types of Bugs we normally see in any of the Project? Include the severity as well.

Answer: The Life Cycle of a bug in general context is: Bugs are usually logged by the development team (While Unit Testing) and also by testers (While sytem or other type of testing). So let me explain in terms of a tester's perspective: A tester finds a new defect/bug, so using a defect tracking tool logs it. 1. Its status is 'NEW' and assigns to the respective dev team (Team lead or Manager). 2. The team lead assign's it to the team member, so the status is 'ASSIGNED TO' 3. The developer works on the bug fixes it and re-assings to the tester for testing. Now the status is 'RE-ASSIGNED' 4. The tester, check if the defect is fixed, if its fixed he changes the status to 'VERIFIED' 5. If the tester has the autority (depends on the company) he can after verifying change the status to 'FIXED'. If not the test lead can verify it and change the status to 'fixed'. 6. If the defect is not fixed he re-assign's the defect back to the dev team for re-fixing. So this is the life cycle of a bug.

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