Question: If a bug is found that is not replicable all times, does that bug should be reported to developer?

Answer: A bug/defect according to tester is treated/accepted by developer only if he can able to reproduce it.If not,he will change the status as not reproducible. If we log a defect that has occured once and not reproducible again,though we execute the same steps to reproduce,means for the first time execution either their may be a human error in the execution or the application might be responding differently for each execution.Here we need to investigate the issue first and should clarify that is it a defect or not,than we have to log the defect/bug.So that the time to fix the defect will be reduced and by investigating the root cause only we can log genuine defects.Investigation of the root cause shows the capability of the tester. For the question ,answer according to me is dont log a defect.Log it as an issue and send to your TL/Manager ,if you cannot be able to investigate the issue or the issue is beyond your limits.A TL/Manager has to identify that this issue is really a defect or user mistake.If you are the manager/TL ,you can take the help of a functional designer or a developer who has developed the project.

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