Question: Who writes the Business requirements? What you do when you have the BRD?

Answer: Business Analyst writes the Business Requirements.In a large commercial software development environment main actors within the life cycle of a software project are as follows:Project Stakeholder(Sponsor)Project Manager (manages the entire project)QA ManagerBusiness AnalystSoftware ArchitectBusiness Analyst after finalizing the scope of the project with the Project Stakeholders(sponsors) writes all the business requirements(BR) for the software application and then send it to software architect(SA) for validation. SA after understanding the BR make use cases and UML diagrams and forward them to QA manager. QA manager based on scope, BR, use case & UML diagram writes the overall testing strategy & high level test cases and forward them to testers. Project manager monitors the complete project. QA manager, Business Analyst & Software architect reports project manager whereas project manager reports to project stakeholder

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