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Question Question What is the difference between a Bug and a Defect?

Answer Answer Bug- Conformed defected is called bug. It is said to be bug only at developer place.

Defect- Any Functionality is wrong then it is said to be defect by testers. It turns to bug in developers place.

To Post a bug we have to enter the various things which includes: Component,Priority,Severity,Summary,Description/steps to reproduce the bug. Than we send a bug to the developers.

Answered By: Arun Vats    Date: 3/30/2007

We can post the bug by email,in that we have to mention the bug title,application name,priority,Severity,Steps how the bug arrived and send that mail looping developers an manager.

Answered By: Ramya    Date: 4/10/2007

we should post the bug in bug tracking tools .it may be any tool .it will send mail to all concerned person once u report in bug tracker.

Answered By: bibhukanta    Date: 4/11/2007

while running a programme if you have an unsolved error you post it with details to a group of geeks through google BUG

Answered By: poulin    Date: 4/11/2007

We can post by a bug, not only through an email to developer or project manager, but software testers can also really help us in this...

Answered By: Mittal Kumar V. Patel    Date: 4/12/2007

A bug can be posted by email but the better is always to log the bug in the defect management tool

Answered By: Vini    Date: 4/13/2007

a bug is a coding error.but developer accepted the error that is know as bug

Answered By: gulab singh    Date: 4/26/2007

Defect:-if any mismatch found during testing is called defect(i.e expected value and actual value). Bug:-The reported defect accepted by developers then they called it as BUG.

Answered By: meelayugandhar    Date: 5/19/2007

Bug is an errors which is solved by a new version of application. defect can solved in the same version.

Answered By: sandip    Date: 5/20/2007

I think both are same but we can say that there is difference only that it depend on the developer what does he call bug or error

Answered By: ravi silawat    Date: 6/1/2007

We found a mismatch between expected value and actual values due errors in coding is nothing but defect. A defect accepted by developer to be resolved is nothing bug.

Answered By: sania    Date: 6/1/2007

Bug is an error found in the application b4 given to the customer. Defect is an error found in the application after given to the customer.

Answered By: vinod    Date: 6/17/2007

Defect:-if any mismatch found during testing is called defect

Answered By: veeresh    Date: 6/17/2007

Bug:- Bug is collection of Error Defect : - Collection of Bug now thing is what's is error as per my opinion :- error is uncovered functionality by the code

Answered By: RS Uniyal    Date: 6/18/2007

If a mistake is found by test engineer, is called a defect and that defect is accepted by developer, is called bug.

Answered By: sudheer    Date: 6/20/2007

Bug : It is found in the development environment before the product is shipped to the respective customer. Defect : It is found in the product itself after it is shipped to the respective customer

Answered By: Vijayalakshmi    Date: 6/26/2007

Bug: It is found while testing a software by Tester or developer before delivering. Defect: It is also Bug but its found after delivered the Software. (its found at Customer/User Place)

Answered By: Murugan E    Date: 7/3/2007

Bug is found in an Application While a Defect can be found in Documentation eg SRS,Quality related forms etc

Answered By: Manisha    Date: 7/3/2007

Bug: Error found before an application goes into production. (Found by either developer or tester.) Defect:Error found after an application gone for production (Found by Users.)

Answered By: Aravind    Date: 7/10/2007

Defect in nothing but deviation from requirement,Informal name of defect is called as bug.......

Answered By: prabhu    Date: 7/11/2007

bug is the error formed in the program and it can be debugged mean mede proper. where as defect is the deficiancy in the program procedure.

Answered By: roopa    Date: 7/17/2007

Bug - is identified by client defect - is identified by programmer or test engineers...

Answered By: Praveen    Date: 7/17/2007

A defect is the error in functionality found by the tester and a bug is also that defect when it is reported to the test lead or Devoloping lead or developer. and its status is opened by the tester

Answered By: Shailesh Tiwari    Date: 7/23/2007

Defect: Divation from the expected result. Bug: error made by the developer Fauilure: if the same defect is founded in the client place

Answered By: Devi    Date: 11/30/2007

Defeat which means the expected result is not satisfied the actual result. In the source code the error which appear is meant as bug

Answered By: N. Balakumaran    Date: 12/29/2007

BUG: A Software is said to be a BUG if it deviates from the specifications. DEFECT:A Software is said to be a DEFECT if it has unwanted side effects.

Answered By: SUNDER    Date: 2/6/2008


Answered By: AJAY HS    Date: 2/18/2008

bug means problem in output defect means varience in expected and actual

Answered By: Rajasekaran    Date: 3/9/2008

BUG:the raised defect by tester can accepted by the devolper is called bug. DEFECT:Tester find that the module does not work as per requirement.

Answered By: C.SARAVANAN    Date: 4/22/2008

when a error is identified by a tester is known as defect and then defect is satisfed by developer is known as bug

Answered By: shifali    Date: 4/24/2008

mistake in program code is called error an error is identify by test team is called bug\ an error is accepted by development team is called defect

Answered By: jon    Date: 5/5/2008

Error: error is defined as the devieation in the behaeviour of the code. BUG: diveation form the actual result DEFECT::diveations in the functionalities found by the tester.

Answered By: indu    Date: 5/8/2008

Defect is the mistake made by the developer while writing the code. This defect is called as an error when it is uncovered during compilation and unit testing. If the defect is identified by the tester then it is called bug

Answered By: Bindu Laxminarayan    Date: 5/20/2008

Tester find out defects in testing time. Developer accept that defect is called as bug.

Answered By: siva prasad reddy sv    Date: 6/9/2008

Defect:The deviation from expected output and actual result. BUG:The missing out of functionality itself in the application that means it doesn't meet the requirements.

Answered By: Nanda Ganesh.M.G    Date: 8/8/2008

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